Who we are

AIS Technologies Ltd is a medical technology company established to commercialise patented, non-gravity IV infusion technology co-developed by Sir Ray Avery and Medicine Mondiale (an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing sustainable and affordable medical solutions and technologies).

The AIS Technologies Intravenous Infusion System is a piece of innovative technology which has the potential to displace conventional gravity intravenous infusion technology.

Sir Ray Avery


Sir Ray Avery GNZM is a successful scientist, author, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and start up investor.

A founding member of the Auckland University School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and former Technical Director of Douglas Pharmaceuticals who, over the past forty years, has made a major contribution in the development of New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry.

Sir Ray has personally overseen the development and commercialisation of over 500 pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care and medical device applications.

Ray is also the founder of The Kaizen Group which provides expert Product Realisation and Regulatory Affairs consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and is co-founder of Jupl successful start-up company specialising in biometric monitoring services for the PERS industry.

Sir Ray will personally oversee the Product Realisation Program for the commercialisation and sale of the Acuset IV Infusion system.

Our board

Our experienced, internationally respected commercialisation team.

  • Young and Shand
  • Amsino

Our partners

Through the support of our partners, AIS Technologies Ltd will maintain an extremely low overhead and operating structure.

Chart Shareholders

Our shareholders

AIS Technologies Ltd is seeking capital investment of NZD$1.25m to complete and produce regulatory approvals and commence commercial scale contract manufacturing.

Our business strategy

Our business strategy

The AIS Technologies business strategy is to secure international regulatory approvals and commercialise its patented and patent-pending medical device technologies, then sell or license the products using a business-to-business or trade sale strategy.

Our rapid exit strategy will execute a trade sale or core technology licensing agreement within four years to maximise return on investment.

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