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Highly accurate

The Acuset IV system delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy for a mechanical, non-digital IV infusion device. The Acuset flow controller can be readily adapted to deliver micro, macro or specific infusion rates by modifying the controller’s cam and cam follower configurations. This can be easily done, even by relatively untrained operators.

Comparison of Standard Infusion Pump with Acuset IV system over time

Chart comparison
Chart comparison
The Acuset self compensating IV bag maintains a constant flow

Constant flow rate

The patent-pending elastomeric hydrostatic chord maintains constant hydrostatic pressure as the IV bag empties. This eliminates the need for nursing staff to constantly adjust the infusion rate to compensate for the steady decline of hydrostatic pressure as they would in traditional non-digital infusion devices.

Eliminates cold flow creep

Traditional non-digital IV infusion devices exhibit a high degree of ‘cold flow creep’ due to the very slow recovery rates of polyethylene tubing after clamping. Acuset’s IV system uses Safeguard IV tubing, which incorporates a section of highly responsive surgical silicon tubing that won’t resist hydrostatic pressure from IV fluid.

The Acuset eliminates changes in flow rates due to cold flow creep

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